Building a Solid Reputation

Custom Walnut Staircase

Custom Walnut Staircase

I grew up in this industry. Some of my fondest memories are driving to work with my father and his guys in the back of his van sitting on the tool box. Summers & weekends were spent cleaning up around his job sites or helping prep the job for the next incoming trade. I was his gopher, labor, & eyes in the field. I love working in construction and give you my commitment to uphold the traditions from my father that reflect the quality of workmanship one would expect for their investment.

At RL Builders we worked hard to achieve, “the best” reputation in our market. We like to hear people brag about how happy they are with our work. We rely on recommendations and have built a career on one person telling another about us.  It was important to never use substandard materials or unqualified tradesmen just to keep our price lower in the proposal to get a job only to surprise a customer with extra’s later in the process. Timely delivery, access, minding a budget, and communication is our first priority especially when miscommunications will always cost someone money and delay completion. We assure you someone will be on the job everyday representing your interests.

We are not political and sometimes find it is necessary to be blunt so we may not tell a client  everything they want to hear  but what they need to hear to make an informed decision to move forward. If we don’t know an answer, we will research one for you. Custom construction is only limited by not understanding the different unique resources to fit a client’s design concepts or understanding the clients’ budget. We will research all materials available and provide a list of alternatives because we know every application is different and only with custom construction can you get what you want.

For me, its personal as the job is my home until we turn over the keys to your completed project.

Thank you,


RL Builders