We Build Custom


One would think after 40 years in business, you would have hundreds of different projects to show in pictures but that isn’t always true. RL Builders has run the gambit of custom construction projects but in being on the job as the actual contractors who does their own labor, material logistics, supervision, and run as a fully qualified & licensed electrical contractor for each home, we didn’t have time & never took many photo’s of our work. When we did get the opportunity, it was with a throw away type camera and the cheapest development we could find. Our job is doing the work & not photography. With that said, we believed the work spoke for itself. Our founder believed that to give good quality & a good value to our customers, we shouldn’t spend anything extra that didn’t directly affect the work. Our press would come at the golf course or family gathering & for him that worked. Our company finally bought a 35mm camera in 1999 for a photo album and a digital in 2007, we found it very intrusive to ask a homeowner if we could come back after they had moved in and respected their privacy so mostly didn’t ask. Even after we had the camera & while construction was going on, we didn’t take the time to stage or clean up so these are raw photo’s of a very small segment of our work. Hopefully through this small window, an educated consumer can see the true scope and innovations of our work. I apologize.